Erasing Everything & Starting Over

Secret identities on the interwebs has always been my obsession. The internet is constantly intruding in on our lives, but it's fun to skate around it in anonymity. New name, new identity whenever I want.

Sometimes, it's just necessary. When life gets too heavy, and your defense mechanism is to dissociate from real life and hide out in a fake one. The internet is there, with open arms.

Some days, I don't have the energy to even participate in an online group activity. Or start a new tv show because the idea of learning new characters and plot lines is too exhausting to take on.

In this age of the internet, it is about impossible to erase your real self from the interwebs, however there's no limit to the number of identities you can create and groom. And yes, this is used for good and bad, like everything else in life. Bots, hackers, predators use the anonymous corridors all the time.

But there are also anonymous words and actions of hope, inspiration, courage. The ultimate goal is the stay on this side of things.


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